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ENOS ® - Electronic Rescue and Locating System

The Electronic Rescue and Location System ENOS® is a rescue system combining two reliable techniques: GPS-navigation and radio transmission.
The ENOS®-System runs self-contained and self-dependent and does not depend on the aid of other rescue institutions and services. It consist of two units, the ENOS®-Receiver and one or more ENOS®-Transmitters.
The receiver is the basis-station from where the rescue operation is initiated. After switching the receiver on, it indicates its position by GPS (Global Positioning System) and is ready to receive and evaluate signals from the ENOS®-Transmitter.
In case of need, the ENOS®-Transmitters have to be switched on, which are able now to indicate their own position, also by GPS. This position will be transmitted to the ENOS®-Receiver by a license-free radio-frequency. The position of the ENOS®-Transmitter, its distance and direction towards the receiver, are shown in an easy-understandable graphic on the display of the receiver.

A scout for a quick and immediate rescue operation.
ENOS® is the first self-contained Rescue System and not a direction finder.

It works independent and autonomous, i.e. it does not use chargeable Telecommunication-Services (cellular-, satellite-transmission) and international Rescue-Services. The use of ENOS® does not cause expenses and because of the easy handling and independence, the system is universal to employ.

ENOS® is made for all kinds of water-sports like scuba-diving, wind-surfing and all boats and ships as Man-Over-Board-System (MOB). Further the system improves the safety by shipping companies and oil-rigs, as well as to people who like to cover long distances in remote areas.

Due to the fact, that most accidents by water-sport activities happen at the surface, ENOS® is indispensable for a quick, straight and autonomous rescue-operation.

Thanks to its own power source, ENOS® is mobile and can used in lifeboats and liferafts.


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