MOBOS ® - Man-Over-Board-Operating-System

Speedy and self dependent resue
Independent from external rescue operations and independent from additional technologies
License free and free of charge
No radio certificate (SRC) required
MOBOS ® is Man-Over-Baord-System, which makes a targeted rescue operation possible from people in need on the surface.
It's unique feature: MOBOS ®-System operates on its own, totally self-contained and absolutely independent!
MOBOS ® does not need any support of other rescue institutions such as coast guards, Marine Rescue Coordination Centers/MRCC, Search And Rescue/SAR, etc. and is independent from further technologies like Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS), Maritime Radio and AIS!
MOBOS ®-System consists of 2 units, both are GPS supported:
1. MOBOS ®-Beacons attached to the person and
2. MOBOS ®-Receiver aboard the boat.
Immediately after the MOBOS ®-Beacon was activated it relays its first alert to the Receiver. Although the GPS position is not determined at this moment, the crew is instantaneously informed about the incident.
Once the MOBOS ®-Beacon has determied its GPS position it relays these data directly to the MOBOS ® -Receiver. Using its own GPS position and the received GPS position from the MOBOS ®-Beacon the MOBOS ®-Receiver then evaluates the precise distance and bearing from the boat to the man overboard!

This life-saving information is displayed as an easily understandable graph on the MOBOS ®-Receiver screen.
A key for a speedy rescue!

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