M/Y BLUE with ENOS onboard

M/Y BLUE in the Red Sea with ENOS onboard

M/Y BLUE provide ENOS

The liveaboard M/Y BLUE is one of the most spectacular boats in the Red Sea — no wonder, that only the best diver safety system is provided onboard: ENOS-System
M/Y BLUE is brandnew and the 4th liveaboard of the "Blue Planet Liveaboard Fleet". It is 43 meters long, 9 meters wide and maximum 24 guests can stay onboard which is cruising to the most beautiest reefs of the Red Sea.
12 spacious cabins are available, each with an elegant bathroom. A huge salon and large sun decks with comfortable beanbags provide comfort and relaxation between the dives. In the time when M/Y BLUE was planned and under construction owner Ahmed Hefny set a high value on multiple luxury details to enable his guests an unforgettable stay onboard.
But regardless of all efforts he did not lose sight of the most important topc: Diving! A broad dive deck is the main centre with a lot of space for the equipment. High performance compressors fill the tanks, Nitrox is for free and in case of interest, divers can use re-breathers.
"Simply the best for my guests": ENOS and SIBO.1
For Hefny it was very impportant to equip M/Y BLUE with ENOS: "From the beginning on it was clear to me the M/Y BLUE will be an ultimate liveaboard where I am going to provide simply the best to my guests  –  no doubts ENOS."
In this regard he even wants to go one better and in addition the ENOS-System he also ordered the Seareq SMB SIBO.1 which hold the ENOS-Beacon high above the surface. "The SMB support the transmission of the GPS-supported  ENOS-Alert and my guests will be rescued even faster but they also can leave their SMB at home and safe weight!"
Hefny is a cunning old bird of the liveaboard business and service is important to him. He knows the market since more than ten years and is successful in this market. That's why it never was a question for him to install ENOS onboard of M/Y BLUE and he cleared up all topics with manufacturer Seareq already months ago, in January at trade show "boot".


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