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Karl Hansmann, Seareq hands over ENOS-System to Gerhard Wegner Sharkproject

Sharkproject protect Sharks   —   ENOS protect Sharkproject

The international shark protect organization reliy on ENOS-Safety
Rösrath/Offenbach    At "boot" Seareq has announced to sponsor Sharkproject with ENOS-SYSTEM. Now, the diver locating system was handed over.
The well-known shark protection organization operate worldwide to draw the attention on extinction of sharks. There are many varieties to show the public the danger for the world and human race when sharks die off: puppet theaters for kids, a wide range of books, calendar etc., educational workshops and campaigns to enlighten governments.
In the beginning is the dive
However, in the beginning is the dive to achieve the necessary knowledge. Means, the guys from sharkproject have to dive mainly in open waters and not close to the reef like sports divers do. Because Tiger-, Mako-, and Blue Sharks are high seas sharks, like the Great White, which live in the open ocean and not close to reefs and coasts. This is the reason why the work of Sharkproject occurs in the open sea, without points of references and imperiled by currents.


The biggest danger of the sea: currents!
Sharkproject members are always threatened to drift away and not to become seen. Gerhard Wegner, president ot Sharkproject International: "Sharks prefer current waters. That's why we have to dive there, otherwise we can't do our job." Additionally he confirms that almost everybody of the team was swept away meanwhile. He either: "A situation which I don't want to stay again in my life. I was really afraid. Before, under water at the sharks, not."
ENOS and SIBO.1 to protect Sharkproject
This will become better in future because Seareq equipped Sharkproject with ENOS-System. Just in time for the departure to Protea Banks in South Africa Karl Hansmann, owner of Seareq handed over the diver locating device plus several SMB SIBO.1 to Gerhard Wegner. He is seriously pleased because ENOS is world's unique rescue system for divers which is allowed to use without license and radio certificate and can be carried into foreign countries without any restriction.
Protea Banks is very famous for Tiger Sharks - but also for strong currents. "You need not be a prophet to predict that ENOS will come into application", states Wegner and continues: "as well as SIBO.1 because of the high swell at Protea Bans."
The new SMB of Seareq is world's 1st diver sausage holding an ENOS-Beacon high above the surface which supports the signal effect enormously. Hansmann: "The complete Seaeq team is proud to give support to the important work of Sharkproject by our ENOS-System and our new SMB SIBO.1."
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PRESS INFORMATION 15/06 td,  25th May 2015