Speedy rescues thanks to precise information!
Autarkic and efficient: MOBOS works absolutely autonomous and independent of SAR and external technologies.
Funktionsprinzip MOBOS-System
1. MOBOS-Receiver
The MOBOS-Receiver determines its GPS position [A] through the GPS satellites. It is now ready to receive and to evaluate the alerts of the MOBOS-Beacons.  ⇒ MOBOS-RECEIVER
It is placed onboard and has to be switched on prior the cruise begins. For Wind- and Kitesurfer, Paddler and SUP users the Receiver is placed at the surf station.
However, the MOBOS-Receiver is switched on all the time.
2. MOBOS-Beacon
The MOBOS-Beacon is carried by the water sports enthusiasts. Anyhow it is attached to the PFD, to the clothes or to the equipment .  ⇒ MOBOS-BEACON
MOBOS-Beacon is available in 2 versions:
  • MTX-A Automatic activation
    Switched on automatically by the self-inflation of the automatic PFD/ lifejacket
  • MTX-M Manual activation
    Switched on by hand; just turn the red switch through 180°
    Ideal for foam PFD/lifejackets, clothes, wet-suits of wind- and kite-surfers, etc.
Immediately after MOBOS-Beacon was activated it relays a 1st alert to MOBOS-Receiver: Now, an advice appears on the screen showing the ID number of the Beacon and a high frequency alarm is audible  —  the crew is immediately alarmed.
The rescue can start now if casualty is still visible.
Is the casualty not visible the crew just has to wait until MOBOS-Receiver shows the precise GPS position of himt.   MOBOS-SCREEN
GPS Position
After MOBOS-Beacon has relayed the 1st alert it determines its GPS position [B] through the GPS satellites. This data are also transmitted directly to MOBOS-Receiver.
3. MOBOS-Alert
The 1st Alert and the GPS data are relayed on a radio frequency which is license free and does not require a radio certificate (SRC).

MOBOS neither interferes in the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) nor in AIS-System.



4. MOBOS-Screen
Using its own GPS position [A] and the received GPS position [B] from the Beacon, MOBOS-Receiver then determines the exact distance and bearing from the boat to the MOB. This data are displayed clearly and simply on the MOBOS-Receiver-Screen.
The MOB or the wind- & kitesurfer can be rescued easily  —  just a few minutes after the MOBOS-Beacon became activated.
The key for a speedy rescue; directly and immediately!
Without waiting for SAR
MOBOS  —  Speedy rescue for Sailors, Yachters, Wind- & Kite-Surfers, Canoe, Paddlers & SUP!
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