MOBOS PRO in professional application




MOBOSpro - made for Professionals

While civilans use flashy colours and eye-catching features to draw the attention on themselves in case of need, for soldiers and combatants it's absolutely vital to remain invisible and unnoticed - even in case of emergency!
MOBOSpro relays its signals directly to the own unit; exclusively to the own unit!
Offshore companies also prefer to receive employee's alert directly to provide immediate help.
MOBOS - Autonomous Locating System - Unnoticed and Discrete!
For both target groups the self-contained principle of functioning of MOBOS-System is perfect because the alert is received from the own Receiver only. NO big alarm as it occurs at AIS, DSC 70, 406 MHz. MOBOS greift nichts GMDSS!
Receiving Ranges up to 28 Nautical Miles
To receive the alert over very long distances the new Beacon MOBOSpro was developed.
Depending on the type of Radio Receiving Antenna and on the height in which it's mounted signals can be transmitted up to 17 Nautical Miles. Using the special Radio Receiving Antenna EF5pro-S a coverage of up to 28 Nautical Miles is possible.
The Beacon MOBOSpro can be combined with all existing MOBOS-Receivers (click here)
Lightweight and Handy
The Beacon MOBOSpro has very compact measurements: 200 x 35 mm (L x D) and weighs 160 gram only, including batteries.
It's available with automatic release, Beacon MTXpro-A and with manual switch, Beacon MTXpro-M
Thanks to its compact meqasurements the Beacon can be aembedded in (almost) all automatic PFD even in very small lifejackets. It does not impede movements.
MTXpro-A will be automatically activated by teh self-inflation of the automatic PFD. Then the Beacon is placed on the top of the inflated lifejacket = the best position to transmit the alert!
Contrary to other transmitters who are palced just above the water MTXpro-A is positioned on the top with maximum distance to the surface. The antennas are raised in an upright position.
It will be delivered with a pouch made of robust cordura which can be comfortable attached to the body on several ways without risk of being lost.
The Beacon MTXpro-M will be activated in case of emergency only. It's easy to handle even with cold wet fingers and with thick gloves: Just turn the red switch by 180° - that's it.
Easy to handle even with cold fingers or thick gloves. The asymmetric position "ON" is clearly to see and to feel in darkness!


Outstanding Performances
The Beacons MOBOSpro are a result of consequent and uncompromising research:
  • Antennas are inside the robust housing = maximum protection against damage
  • Powered by 2 commercially available batteries (AAA Lithium)
  • Batteries can be changed ba the owner = no return to manufacturer due to battery change
  • 170 hours operational time = 1 week
  • All 15 seconds udate of comrade's position
  • Permanent transmission of comrade's real position in real time
  • Available with automatic release for applications operated with automatic PFD - MTXpro-A
  • Available with manual switch for applications which don't require an automatic release - MTXpro-M


    Die Sender MTXpro-A und MTXpro-M sind in allen Farben verfügbar: Standard Signalfarben, individuelle (Unternehmens-)-Farben und Camouflage.


          MOBOS®  is a registered trade mark and 100 %  MADE  IN  GERMANY