Early Morning Dive

Activated ENOS-Beacon after surfacing


Thanks to ENOS we got breakfast
The Zodiac motored around the reef to drop us at the top of the reef. From here we would be diving back to the liveaboard. Divers who surfaced on the way were going to be picked up by the Zodiac. We were a group of 4 divers: the dive guide, 2 buddies and I.
The maximum dive time was limited to one hour
After arriving at the spot, the engine was put out of gear, we rolled backwards into the water and swam to the top of the plateau of the reef. Here one buddy signalled strong squeamishness which lasted even after a pause. To avoid a panic situation caused by vomiting under water, the guide decided to finish the dive and go up with the diver. My buddy and I were to continue the dive as planned but now there was a very strong current. After a few minutes my buddy and I also decided to finish the dive and to swim back to the guide and Mike who had already started their ascent
After surfacing we recognized how far away the boat was located. Impossible to swim back becuse of too long distance and too strong current. Therefore we switched on our ENOS-Beacons.
In the beginning it seemed to be we were drifting towards the liveaboard. But then we continually moved farther and farther away from the boat. At the same time the waves became higher. First, we could see the ship all the time, then only each second or third wave and finally only very occasionally.
Suddenly a Zodiac approached through a wave with the other dive guide standing on top and calling the words "we have them" into the walkie takie.

We learned that the ENOS alarm had been heard immediately on board and that the search operation was initiated directly after our positions were determined. But it was not easy to spot us because of the high waves and due to the fact that we drifted in the glittering sun. But thanks to ENOS the crew knew where we were and the system indicated the distance from the liveaboard to us was 1.1 NM / 2 km.


This was our "a little bit different Early-Morning-Dive"!
But how would the rest of our diving vacation have been without ENOS?
Probably we wouldn’t have been that quick back on board and not that relaxed in spite of all circumstances. During the time we drifted, we never had the bad feeling of “not to be rescued” thanks to our transmitters. After a long breakfast and four new transmitters we were able to continue our vacation with many beautiful dives in the Red Sea.

Personally I would welcome if the application of such rescue systems becomes a standard. For my friends and me it is absolutely clear to book a boat for our next safari which is equipped with ENOS on board.