Hanging by a hair

M/Y Seawolf Dominator with ENOS onboard
Today it was planned to dive at Daedalus Reef – and everybody was looking forward to see sharks.
In his briefing the guide explained detailed how to swim alongside the reef. The selected divespot is one of the best of Daedalus where many sharks are swimming around.
Nevertheless, a group of 3 divers decided to swim in the opposite direction. They enjoyed the beautiful reef while they were drifting with the current - but at the end of the reef they were swept straight ahead in the open water.
Only after surfacing they realized how far they became swept away from the reef! And how huge the distance was to "M/Y Seawolf Dominator" and the inflatable vessels which were laying at the opposite side of this very large reef.
Definitely out of earshot and out of vizual range!
No chance to give signals by SMB or whistles!
One diver was shocked: The water up to the neck - in the true sense of the word - she was suffering by panic attacks.
Without hesitation the 3 divers activated their ENOS-Beacons. Just 10 seconds later the ENOS-Receiver onboard of  "M/Y Seawolf Dominator" sent out an alert and the crew was informed about the case of emergency. Big relief for everybody onboard because they 3 divers were already missed by the others. Thanks to ENOS now they knew that the 3 divers were alive and are "just" drifting on the surface in the open water.
The dinghy started promptly, drove directly to them and few minutes later all were back on board safely.
As usual, this ENOS-Rescue was proceeded absolutely undramatic - although the lives of these 3 divers were hanging by a hair!
Cici Nedwed, owner of Seawolf Diving, Hurghada/Egypt