MOBOS in ADAC Skipper-Portal



Yellow Angels are keen on MOBOS


ADAC Skipper-Portal devotes a special chapter to Seareq's MOB-System

The ADAC has not to be explained. Most people in Germany know the "Yellow Angels" who give help to drivers on the road in case of break down. No wonder that more than 20 million habitants are member of this institution (as at 2017) -  an impressive number.
But did you know that the ADAC can even offer much more?
At boaters find substantion information around boating: Here, fans of sailing, motor and house boats find high-valuable tipps about boat charter or how to register the own boat, guide books from the English Channel to Lake Zurich, including all  ports and harbours and numerous news and blogs and dates - the range of topics is huge.


The German menu "Ratgeber & Service" includes the chapter "Sicherheit an Bord - Rettungsmittel = Safety onboard - Rescue Devices" - one of the most complicated subjects in the world of boating because everything revolves around emergency beacons, its principles of functioning, radio frequencies and radio licenses. Nevertheless, this content is easy understandable explained and clearly presented in different chapters.
Autonomous Emergency Beacon - MOBOS
The specific feature: The ADAC devotes a chapter specifically for the case "Man over Board in Inland Lakes", called "MOB-System für Binnenseen", in respect to the multiple inland water sports enthusiasts as well as to the many inland lakes presented on the Skipper-Portal
This information can safe lives due to the fact that the Seareq's Man-Over-Board-Operating-System MOBOS is world's unique MOB-System which can be used on inland waterways. All other MOB-Systems are restricted to use at sea only. That's the reason why this news is very important for boaters on inland waterways.
Of course, MOBOS can also be used at sea and high-sea - which is why it's one of the most versatile devices because kiters and windsurfers use it already for their safety as well - but on inland waterways there is almost no alternative.