MOBOS protect World Record Holders

Kiten through the night - protected by MOBOS

World Record Holders rely on MOBOS

During "Odyssey 2017" Francisco Lufinha and Anke Brandt choosed MOBOS - for their safety
This is a rather venturous idea: Travelling from the Azores to the Portuguese mainland on the Kiteboard! Francisco Lufinha, a Portuguese extreme kiter got this idea which he implemented in September 2017, together with the German Anke Brandt. They had to conquer more than 1500 kilometers of the Atlantic Ocean. Rotationally they kited in eight-hours-shifts, non-stop, day and night.
For their safety they were accompanied by a sailing boat because the distance from the Azores to the European continent is too long for a motor yacht. On the boat a doctor and a physiotherapist cared about the two athletes.

Always in the eyes of the crew even by night and weak visibility - thanks to MOBOS

In the past it happened several times to Lufinha that his crew lost sight while he was surfing at high sea; in spite of good visibility and safety tools such as flashlights. To avoid this dangerous situation in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean during the "Odyssey 2017" Anke and Francisco used MOBOS-System.
Both carried a MOBOS-Beacon in their backpack which didn't impede their movements because it weighs 165 gram only. In very short intervals MOBOS-Beacon transmitted permanently its GPS position to the MOBOS-Receiver onboard the boat. The crew was always informed about the precise postion of Anke or Francisco; even when they were out of sight.


From the beginning on Seareq was enthusiastic to support this project.
"It's the first time that our Rescue-Systems were used as tracking device", Karl Hansmann states, owner of Seareq. "But due to the fact that our systems MOBOS and ENOS do not interfere sea radio/GMDSS this application didn't cause any trouble."
And that's why only MOBOS could be used for this new world record - whereupon Hansmann and his team are very proud.