Renowned liveaboard Nautlus Two with ENOS
„Nautilus TWO“ with ENOS onboard
The renowned liveaboard set new standards in the Maldives
Bergisch Gladbach/Male‘  -  Since 25 years Alois „Lois“ Maenner is located in the Maldives and knows this coutry like no one else. His liveaboards „Nautilus One“ and „Nautilus Two“ belong to the most succesful as shown by the booking rates. Specifically the bigger boat, „Nautilus Two“ is strongly in demand due to the extreme spaciousness.
Big space is also available on the new Dive-Dohny, in which Maenner has invested more than 100.000 Euro. Made from fibreglass and equipped with a strong engine the Dohny carries divers speedily from "Nautilus Two" to the dive spots. Nevertheless, Maenner is not focussed on comfort "only" - safety is also very important to him. In this context several maritime electronical devices are installed on it such maritime radio band and the ENOS-System!
ENOS-Receiver permanently installed, extra high antenna
The ENOS-Receiver is fix installed in command's bridge and always in the eye of the captain. An additional speaker intensified the audible alert which arise immediately from the ENOS-Receiver in case of emergency. So everybody onboard will hear the alarm.
To receive alerts even from longer distances Maenner has installed an additional radio receiving antenna on the roof of the Dohny with an extra large extention. This enlarges the receiving range enormously.
All installations, the permanent implemented ENOS-Receiver in the bridge, the additional speaker and the additional radio receiving antenna were made under authority of Karl Hansmann, owner of company Seareq, Safety and Rescue Equipment and inventor of the ENOS-System. 
27 ENOS-Beacons
27 ENOS-Beacons are onboard of „Nautilus Two“! Enough to equip the 3 guides and every guest with an ENOS-Beacon. It's handed over free of charge to every diver after check in onboard of "Nautilus Two". So in case of need the diver can relay his GPS position directly to the Dive-Dohny from where the rescue operation will be initiated promptly. The most important fact for Lois Maenner because he precisely knows how strong and unpredictable currents can be in the Maldives and how fast divers can be swept away ...